I love speaking about ADHD and meditation, and the crossover between these two fields (in English and Mandarin)! I love helping people understand more about ADHD, especially from an Asian immigrant woman’s perspective. I also enjoy helping more ADHD people and neurodivergent people (or anyone with a busy monkey mind) out there learn more about how to make meditation more accessible for them.

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Meet Ying Deng, the founder of ADHD Asian Girl and your Mindful ADHD Guide. In our first interview for Refocused, Together 2023, Ying helps us explore the myth of being an adult and shares the relief she felt, following her diagnosis, when she realized she didn’t have to give into that pressure anymore.

Listen in as Ying discusses her experience as an immigrant with ADHD, her challenges with masking, and her mission to make mindfulness more accessible to the ADHD community.

In this interview, Ying Deng shares about her journey with mindfulness and ADHD, and how she got diagnosed as an adult, after realizing that she was bored with her dream job because it had become too calm and predictable. She highlights how often the symptoms are overlooked in high-achieving women, and how one’s cultural background can influence the way their ADHD shows up.

We also talk in detail about different mindfulness and meditation practices, and how to adapt them for ADHD.

Podcast in Mandarin:

In the Womenoverseas Forum, there are many discussions about neurodiversity, including ADHD, and individuals on the spectrum, among others. In a recent post, the episode host and producer Ying Deng shared her own diagnosed ADHD journey, sparking a lot of discussions. A forum friend, Dian Dian, after reading Ying’s post, realized that many symptoms resonated with her. Subsequently, she also received an ADHD diagnosis.

In this episode, Ying Deng and Dian Dian discuss their upbringing, the impact of ADHD on their lives, the process of being diagnosed with ADHD, and the changes in life after diagnosis.