ADHD Coaching

Why work with me?

Some of my unique approaches:

  • I bring empathy, and actively help you pinpoint key growth areas in a supportive, resource-rich environment.
  • Align your to-do list with natural energy fluctuations for optimal focus, productivity, and enjoyment.
  • Help establish realistic benchmarks, goals, and timelines.
  • Utilize the scientifically proven goal-setting method “WOOP” to plan for overcoming obstacles
  • Offer creative approaches to kickstart and advance towards your meaningful goals.
  • Offer a variety of tools for emotional regulation, including Tara Brach’s RAIN meditation and mindful movements.
  • Draw from your strengths and past successes to propel you toward current goals.
  • Support in countering the inner critic with voices of compassion and celebrating progress.
  • Help you cultivate your own ADHD toolbox.

Praise for Ying’s 1:1 coaching:

“Because Ying knows and understands so much about how ADHD brains work, because Ying is so resourceful and patient, and because I sense that Ying feels genuine empathy and compassion for me in these efforts, I feel as if I’m in a safe place to be radically honest with myself about what I’m doing and what is and isn’t working, to be courageous about making change, and to work at it consistently. That’s huge! — Carrie H.”

“Ying aced at guiding me to create achievable plans and reach my goals. She helped me break down my plans. Ying offered practical examples of how to reduce task difficulty and enhance task completion. Ying also helped me manage my expectations during life’s highs and lows. — Tiffany”

“I really appreciate that Ying creates a safe and non-judgmental place for me to express myself. As I am easily triggered or feel insecure when expressing myself, Ying did a great job of letting me talk about my concerns and stress. She gave me suggestions and directions and they are incredibly helpful. — Dan Shu”

“I appreciate Ying’s patience and sharpness in each session. She always leads me to face key questions that I tend to avoid facing. She is the most amazing life coach I have ever encountered! While there are still areas in my life that need work, I have started to believe I can improve those areas too by finding my own strength and seeking support from others. — C.C.”

“Ying is so understanding and supportive, she helps me embrace my ADHD. She always listens to all my problems patiently and without judgment, so I can talk about my own difficulties openly with a sense of trust. The same challenge may be belittled when I tell other people, but Ying never belittles any seemingly insignificant difficulties and earnestly provides encouragement and help. She makes me feel understood and less alone in my journey toward self-acceptance.

Ying’s toolbox is truly impressive, filled with actionable solutions that have a direct impact on my ADHD challenges. Often solving the action problem also solves the underlying emotional problem for me. With a wide range of tools, I never worried about whether a tool would work forever. If a tool works, I will continue using it; if it doesn’t work, I will try the next one. I have created an ADHD toolbox that is the most suitable for me and my ADHD brain with Ying’s help.

Even when I am not in a good state or in the midst of emotional ups and downs, Ying’s accommodating communication style still creates a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere for me. I am very thankful to have met Ying. With her help, I can continue to develop my strengths and find tools for my weaknesses”

Ying always has the ability to extract the most valuable bits from my ramblings, helping me to continuously try new methods and improve. Each coaching session gives me a boost for at least a week. I always look forward to the next session.”

Thanks to Ying’s coaching. I feel like I’ve made some really great progress lately. Even though it might not always show in my actions or task completion, I genuinely believe my overall state has improved. This boost in confidence is definitely going to help me shine in my work. Now I have more courage in exploring tools and methods that work for me to tackle my own issues.”

Who is my ADHD Coaching for?

  • Are you frustrated by a lack of understanding and support from health professionals regarding the profound impact of ADHD on your life?
  • Tired of the constant search for effective tools and routines that never seem to last?
  • Struggling to navigate structures and routines while needing them in your life?
  • Facing challenges with adulting tasks like cooking and prioritizing competing interests?
  • Procrastinating on important tasks and grappling with low self-esteem due to ADHD challenges?
  • Yearning to feel empowered and in control of your life, working with your ADHD brain not against your ADHD brain?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, you are in the right place for coaching (big hugs to you for all the trials and tribulations you have gone through to arrive here). My coaching is aimed at ADHD adults as well as anyone who is struggling with time management, procrastination, goal setting, etc.

Ying’s Credentials:

  • Certified Transformation Life Coach, graduated from a one-year-long program (ICF accredited Coaching Education Provider) with 60 hours of peer practice and a written exam as the certification requirement
  • Continuous ADHD learning shared on Twitter
  • Mindfulness teacher in training with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach’s 2-year Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program
  • 5-course training in Positive Psychology with the University of Pennsylvania
  • 7-week training in Mindfulness – The Power of Awareness Course with The Awareness Institute in association with UC Berkeley, the Greater Good Science Center
  • Have meditated for more than 7 years
  • Previously worked as ADHD Coach for Inflow, the number one ranking ADHD app in any app store. Hand-picked by Dr. George Sachs, a clinical psychologist with over 10 years of experience in treating ADHD in adults and children

Why choose ADHD coaching?

ADHD coaching is a great choice for individuals who want to focus specifically on managing their ADHD symptoms and improving their daily life functioning. I design my coaching to provide practical strategies, tools, and supportive mindsets for managing the day-to-day challenges of living with ADHD. Coaching is action-oriented and solution-focused, helping clients set goals, develop new habits and routines, and build the skills necessary to manage their symptoms effectively. I offer support, accountability, and guidance to help you stay on track and make progress toward your goals. If you’re looking for a hands-on approach to managing your ADHD, and want to work with a professional who understands the unique challenges of living with this condition, then ADHD coaching is the right choice for you.

By investing in ADHD coaching, you can address these concerns and benefit from a range of strategies and tools to help you succeed. Whether it’s improving your productivity, managing your time more effectively, or developing a greater sense of self-awareness and confidence, ADHD coaching can help you achieve your goals and live your best life.

Ready to Embrace your ADHD brain and thrive?

Unleash your true potential with my comprehensive coaching package, featuring 6-8 personalized sessions and valuable text accountability check-ins for continuous support and lasting growth. Elevate your life and embrace your ADHD brain’s strengths today!

Your Coaching Questions Answered

What to expect in a coaching session?

My session lasts 30 minutes or 50 minutes. In our first coaching session after the discovery call, we will also discuss your top goals for coaching and work to identify strategies and tools that will help you achieve those goals.

As we move forward with subsequent sessions, the agenda and priorities come from you. I will facilitate by helping you:

  • Review the progress you made since our last session together
  • Review what worked well
  • Identify current priorities
  • Identify any barriers that arose
  • Adjust goals, timelines, and tools accordingly
  • End the session by identifying clearly what you commit to accomplish before our next session.
  • Each coaching session comes with in-between session assignments (you can opt out of them if you want to, but I strongly encourage you to give those assignments a try).
  • After each session, you will get a wrap-up email from me that contains a brief summary of each session with any resources I mentioned
What is the difference between your 30-minute and 50-minute coaching sessions?

Both sessions still follow the structure mentioned in the question above. 50-minute coaching sessions offer two distinct advantages:

  1. Time for experiential learning, trying new strategies in real time. For example, I can guide my clients through a RAIN practice for emotional regulation during the 50-minute session in real-time. During a 30-minute session, I would provide the resources for RAIN but have to count on the clients to experiment on their own.
  2. Time for coaching exercises that would take more time, for example, clarifying your top values, brainstorming, creating personal odyssey plans, etc.
What happens in between coaching sessions?

By purchasing my coaching packages, you will receive complimentary text check-ins during the week to help you stay on track and make steady progress toward your goals.

Each coaching session also comes with in-between-session assignments (you can opt out of them if you want to, but I strongly encourage you to give those assignments a try). In between sessions, is the time to experiment with new tools and work on the assignments!

How many coaching sessions do you recommend to start with?

I recommend 6-8 session coaching packages for my clients, meeting once a week or once every two weeks. 2-3 months are how long people need to build new habits and see real transformation. My coaching clients who have worked with me for at least 2 months have made much more progress in accomplishing their goals and managing their ADHD symptoms compared to clients who booked one-off appointments.

What are some ways you like to measure progress for your clients and to tell whether a certain strategy is helpful or not helpful for them?

I provide clients with three assessment points throughout the program: an intake assessment, a midpoint evaluation, and an end-of-program assessment. These assessments are designed to help clients reflect on their progress and growth in the key areas impacted by ADHD.

In terms of one certain method and strategy, I do not think there is a magic wand for ADHD. Instead, I help my clients cultivate their dynamic ADHD toolbox, aka three or more ways and tools for each area. ADHD brain loves novelty so keeping the tools and methods on rotation has worked well for my clients. Having a tailored and curated toolbox also prevents my clients from keep chasing the next shining tool and focusing more on working toward their goals.

Moreover, regular check-ins at the beginning of each session and open communication will allow us to assess the effectiveness of strategies and make necessary adjustments.

If certain strategies aren’t working for your clients, how do you like to approach that scenario?

If certain methods or strategies aren’t yielding the desired results, I believe in an adaptive approach and we will adapt often. We’ll explore alternatives, analyze challenges, and adapt our techniques, rewards, or environment to suit your needs better. I encourage open discussions to ensure we stay aligned with your goals and adapt our approach as needed.

How would you describe yourself as a coach and how do you like to show up for your clients?

I embody empathy, actively listening to pinpoint the key areas for growth, and fostering a supportive and empowering environment enriched with valuable resources.

What expectations do you have of your clients to show up for you and your coaching?

I encourage my clients to be present, embrace new experiences (try things on), and engage in open and honest communication. I place my trust in you as the expert of your own mind, inviting you to explore new tools and provide feedback on their effectiveness, so we can make necessary adjustments together. I believe in your innate creativity, wholeness, and resourcefulness, and my coaching approach will honor and nurture these strengths throughout our journey.

Do you provide a sliding scale?

I am committed to making ADHD coaching available for people who need help. To the best of my ability, I offer some availability for clients who pay with a sliding scale (usually there is a waiting list for these spots). If you are interested in my coaching but the cost is prohibitive, please book a free discovery call and we might be able to work something out.